Can you see the ocean from the room?
Our hotel rooms are all ocean view. We also have one of the largest balcony space in Okinawa.
You can also enjoy the sunset view as well as the beautiful ocean.
Is there a private beach?
We sincerely regret but our hotel does not have a private beach. For those customers wishing to go to the beach, we have a shuttle bus that can take you to near by beaches. Please continue to the “Beach Shuttle Information” link on our HP for more information.
Do you have a smoking room?
All of our hotel rooms are non-smoking. For those customers who wish to smoke, some of the room comes with an area on the balcony for smoking. Please request for smoking balcony at the time of your reservation. We don’t provide ash trays in the room. Please ask the front desk for our portable ash tray.
Do you provide night wear?
We provide pajamas in the room. We also have children’s pajamas sizes 120cm and 100cm. Please let us know if you would like to use them.
Are we allowed to send our luggage to the hotel?
We can temporarily store your luggage with advance notice. Please be sure to write down the reservation name when you send the luggage. We will return the luggage to the guest upon arrival and check in. Also, our hotel will not take any responsibility regarding any damages to the luggage.
Do you have a car park?
Yes. We offer free car parking on-site.
Can I access Wi-Fi?
Yes. Wi-fi is available in the lobby and other common areas, as well as in the guest-rooms. Please ask for the password at the front desk.
Do you offer baby beds and prams?
We have a limited number available, so advanced reservations are recommended.


Can I make restaurant reservations?
Yes. Reservations are accepted. Please contact us on 098-964-7711 for food and beverage related reservations.

Activities / Sightseeing

Can I book up marine activities?
Yes. Please contact the concierge desk and they will be happy to assist you.
Can I make rent-a-car reservations?
Yes. Please contact the concierge desk for further information.


How do I get to the hotel from Naha Airport?
There is an airport limousine bus that runs from Naha Airport to Moon Beach.
If you call the hotel from Moon Beach we will come and pick you up. Please refer to the link below for the timetable and further information:
The hotel does not show up on the Sat-Nav of our rent-a-car.
Please enter the telephone number (098-965-1100) of the Okinawa Kokusai Golf Club next door.
How far is it to the Churaumi Aquarium?
It takes about 70 mins by car to the Churaumi Aquarium.


How do I contact the hotel by email?
Please contact us at
Can some of the staff speak English?
Yes. We have English speaking staff on-site who will be happy to assist you with your needs.